Carrying on the fine tradition of drinking while drawing.

Jul 24, 2010

Comic 31!!

We're Thirty One!!!  Check it out!  (Oh Boba Fett... a DnD Comic favorite.)

Let us not forget a shout out to Troy for his first week.  Hopefully the first of many.

Jul 17, 2010

Robots and Tall Hats

Robot coming for his nose!

Comics 29 & 30

Caleb, Phil, Aaron, Trevor
Caleb, Phil, Jalene/Erin, Amanda, Chelsea, Phil, Aaron, Phil, Trevor
We had a great turn out this week!

The first panel of Comic 29 was based on a story Aaron told us.  It ended with a perfect punchline.  Comic 30 has some pretty awesome panels too.


Jul 9, 2010

Comics 25 to 28

Amanda, Laura, Trevor, Caleb, Aaron, Zoee
Andrew(guess), Caleb, Aaron(guess), Kat, AndrewP, Sean
Caleb, Phil, Aaron, Amanda, Andrew, Phil
Aaron, Andrew, Phil, Trevor, Caleb, Charmaine
These comics are from the last few weeks. People are getting all up in my grill about having not posted any for a while.

I like the last one. It goes from a pepper shaker talking to an ashtray to cats having casual conversation in a theatre.