Carrying on the fine tradition of drinking while drawing.

Oct 26, 2010

Comics 53 to 56!

Caleb / Meredith / Phil / Trevor / Jacob / Aaron
Vancouver SLASH Victoria DnDvComic!!
Caleb / Vince / Jono / Steve / Jake
Jess / Phil / ????
Jess / Laura / Phil ????
I've missed a few weeks of Drink and Draw because of some recent trips, but the first post was from five weeks ago I think.  Wow I took my time on that one.

The second post was actually done in Vancouver at another small DnD with a buddy Vince, and a couple of nice local chaps.  Vince is an old Calgary DnD alumni trying his luck on the coast now.

The other two are from last week, but I don't know who did most of the panels.  I was sick and left before they started.  (Maybe I'll get them sorted out later, and edit this post)