Carrying on the fine tradition of drinking while drawing.

Apr 9, 2010

Comic 009

Caleb, Trevor, Phil, Laura, RandomDrunk, Caleb
This drunk stumbled to our table, and wasn't leaving, so we got him to do a panel for our comic.

I thought he had drawn a cartoon dog, but I was wrong. The drunk told us that it was the rabbit running back into the woods screaming. This rabbit was afraid because the forest looked so much like his planet, but it wasn't. That's when he saw an owl who pointed left, and said "Who". Which only sounds like "Who" in english, but means something else entirely in owl language.

He then told us that he's more of an idea guy, and really wanted to know if any of us were writers.


  1. Are you jealous of our one colour panel, or upset that the whole thing wasn't up to your painterly standards.