Carrying on the fine tradition of drinking while drawing.

Mar 30, 2010

Comic 007

Laura, Phil, Caleb, Trevor, Phil, Trevor (with dialogue by Laura)
Well we made it to week 7 before Boba Fett showed up. This one had a strange turn, but it actually makes sense!

Shout out to Phil who popped in for the first time, and brought the felts for duo-tone colouring.

Mar 26, 2010


Watercolor and ink inbetween drinking stout.
Done and done, by Trevor

Mar 20, 2010

Drawing Club artwork

Some random drawings from this weeks "Drawing Club". Strangers are starting to remember us at the pub now, so after six weeks it seems we've become regulars.

This one looks a little grey because I cheated, and digitally re-coloured the inks.

Comic 006

Laura, Caleb, Sharon, Trevor, Caleb
Oh, what is to become of the little monster baby? (Looking back at this one, I'm finding it more than a little disturbing.)

Welcome to Sharon, who dropped by and helped put together this weeks comic.

Mar 18, 2010

Live update!

Drink and Draw Victoria gets it's first poster!
Every Thursday @ 7:30 @ The Bent Mast!
Be there or be square...

Mar 16, 2010

Phone dump!

So here is two weeks worth of drawing and drinking! The Mario and blue
seal thing are painted on a glossy photo paper jeff gave me.

Mar 12, 2010


Some trolls from last night. Whee!

Comic 005

Trevor, Erin, Laura, Jeff, Caleb
Another week, another comic! They're turning into real productions, with inks and full colours. (All Trevor's colouring with the exception of Erin's panel)

Welcome to Jeff, who dropped by for his first DnD.

Post IV

MachineMan and TriAngle share a moment before SpaceCombat. Or something...

Inked Pencils


Mar 5, 2010

Comic 004

Trevor, Laura, Caleb, Trevor, Caleb
Oh, this was a good one... So many twists and turns. Not to mention the colour!

Thanks to Trevor for bringing the paints.