Carrying on the fine tradition of drinking while drawing.

Feb 28, 2010

My only drawing worth posting, slightly worth posting.

Charlie. Don't be surprised if Charlie is watching you.

Right now!

Comic 003

Caleb, Trevor, Laura, Charmaine, Caleb, Trevor
Another thursday, another drink and draw comic. This time with glorious colour, a dnd comic first! Thanks to Trevor for the colour washes. (The half done colour washes...)

I'd like to pretend I don't know what's happening in this one.

Feb 20, 2010

Okay, so these probably don't count...

But technically I drew them at drink and draw, SO THERE.
So the bottom left inked guy is trevor!

And a lil' monkey king from last thursday that I painted up tonight. Caleb's was better :(

Feb 19, 2010

Comic 002

Caleb, Laura, Erin, Wayne, Trevor, Laura, Caleb
Witness the first appearance of Angus the french gorilla! It's also amazing what "Meanwhile in ..." lets you get away with.

We're starting out strong!

The Wizard

They were dressed in full black cloaks. The wizard wore a giant silver medallion, and a bored expression. While the apprentice held on to his every utterance with worried eyes.

These fellas were sitting a couple tables away from us. Perhaps taking a well deserved break from a long quest?

Feb 12, 2010

Trevor posts? sweet!

Drink and Draw Victoria gets a kick-start into awesomeville!

Comic 001

Laura, Trevor, Caleb, Charmaine, Laura
Our first Pass-Around comic! Spot the Manatee.

Post one

Well here we are, starting up a new Drink and Draw in a new city. I can only assume the city is new. After all, I just got here. The Pub we're trying out is called The Bent Mast. For those of you that will get the references, it's as if the Hop 'n Brew, and Kensington Pub had a haunted baby... that aged in reverse. This is getting weird, so I'll stop.

My first page of random doodles.

A shout out to the crew back in Calgary. I'll keep watching, and quietly judging your posts.