Carrying on the fine tradition of drinking while drawing.

Dec 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

In following with the centaur themed comic of the week, I present this...
Happy New Years one and all.


Comic 63!

Laura, Trevor, Marc, Caleb, Tara, Laura
Here it is, the last comic of 2010! Oh, what high standards we hold ourselves to. I can scarcely believe this didn't have a script already written.


Dec 22, 2010

Thursday Dec 23

Everyone should know that there will most likely be no one at the Bent Mast this Thursday the 23rd, but we will be starting again the week after Christmas on the 30th.

Merry Christmas again!


Dec 21, 2010

Merry Christmas all Y'all

I was planning on drawing something Christmas related for our last DnDv of the year, but ended up with only a terrible facsimile of one of Laura's awesome drawings.  How unusual...

Thanks to everyone who dropped by our little club this year.  You made it awesome!

Merry Christmas.


Dec 9, 2010

Not a DnD Comic

My take on Dune.

BTW, where has everyone been lately?


Dec 3, 2010

Comic 62!

Caleb / Rael / Laura / SPearson / SWilson / Tara
We merged last night with another drawing group at the Bent Mast.  Shout outs to Sarah, Sarah, and Rael. Thanks for contributing to the comic.

Rock 'n Roll!


Nov 28, 2010

Comics 60 and 61!

Tara (art) / Caleb (text)
Caleb (art) / Tara (text) 

Tara introduced me to a new technique to making completely random Drink and Draw comics.  Someone writes the first descriptive line, and the next person draws what is described.  Then the text is folded back, the next person writes a description of the drawing, the art is folded back, then next person draws the description and so on.  I'm look forward to trying it with more than two people!

Alice the pug sure loves her some banana halves!

Oh, and contrary to what some people may have heard, this thing is still going on.

Nov 20, 2010

Comic 59!

Caleb, James, Caleb, Tara, Katie
Shout out to Tara and Katie for their first DnD Vic!  Although the evening started out with a small crew, it ended with a pretty sweet comic.


Nov 9, 2010

Comic 58!

Phil / Caleb / Marc / Aaron / Amanda / Marc
Last weeks comic.  It's funny, six people feels like a small group now.

Glue and Rice are so cheap!



Two drawings of the Darth.  One is from memory, and the other from iphone reference.

Can you guess which is which?


Nov 3, 2010

Comic 57!

Caleb, Trevor, Denver, Laura, Caleb
There was a smaller crowd this week, but we "Got er daawn!"


Good 'ol Wood Skull

A little Halloween art from this last week.


Oct 26, 2010

Comics 53 to 56!

Caleb / Meredith / Phil / Trevor / Jacob / Aaron
Vancouver SLASH Victoria DnDvComic!!
Caleb / Vince / Jono / Steve / Jake
Jess / Phil / ????
Jess / Laura / Phil ????
I've missed a few weeks of Drink and Draw because of some recent trips, but the first post was from five weeks ago I think.  Wow I took my time on that one.

The second post was actually done in Vancouver at another small DnD with a buddy Vince, and a couple of nice local chaps.  Vince is an old Calgary DnD alumni trying his luck on the coast now.

The other two are from last week, but I don't know who did most of the panels.  I was sick and left before they started.  (Maybe I'll get them sorted out later, and edit this post) 


Sep 19, 2010

Comics 51 and 52!

Meredith, Caleb, Chris, Laura, Erin, Andrew
Caleb, Trevor, Chris, Amanda, Laura, Patrick
This weeks comics are up!  Shout out to Andrew and Patrick on their first ever panels.

Sep 12, 2010

Comic 50!

Caleb, Laura, Trevor, Evan, Aaron, Phil
Fifty comics.  FIFTY!  Rock and Roll, this thing is really moving along.

Shout out to Evan on his first comic panel as well.


Comics 46 to 49

Meredith, Phil, Caleb, Trevor, James
Phil, Ki, Meredith, Gareth, Timmy, James
Caleb, Meredith, James, Ki, Chris, Gareth
Phil, Meredith, Matthew, James, Jalene, Phil
These are from the last two weeks.  We've been drawing some big crowds lately.


Aug 28, 2010

Comic 45!

Phil, Caleb, Laura, Tamily, Denver, Trevor
This is from last week as well, but I thought it deserved a post of it's own.  Once every couple of months, a comic comes together like this.  Frequencies are tuned, planets aligned, and group magic happens.


Comics 41 to 44!

Phil, Phil, Meredith, Caleb, Matthew, Anthony
Phil, Laura, Chris, Sheedo, Aaron, Phil
Denver, Caleb, Amanda, Matthew, Trevor
Phil, Caleb, Trevor, Aaron, Denver, (?)
There were a few new faces at the table this week.  Shout out to Chris, Sheedo, Anthony, and Meredith.  We're going to need a bigger boat if this keeps up.


Aug 20, 2010

Comic 40!

Jacob / Phil / Phil / Amanda / Aaron / Girls at the other table
Here it is, comic FORTY from Victoria!  Aww, look how cute and colourful it is too.

Yay for us!


Comics 35 to 39!

Caleb / Denver / Aaron / Laura / Charmaine
Phil / Tamily / Ciaran / Jacob / James
Caleb / Phil / Ciaran / Trevor / Aaron / Denver
Andrew / Caleb / Aaron / Amanda / Phil / Jacob
Phil / Jacob / Caleb / Phil / Andrew / Aaron
Whoa!  Think we've done enough comics over these last two weeks?  Panels from Aaron, Phil, Amanda, Trevor, Jacob, Ciaran, Tamily(two girls at the other table), Andrew, Denver, Laura, Charmaine, James, and myself.

Check out the last panel of comic 39.  The first eye hair comb-over I've ever seen.


Small art dump

Here's some art from the last couple weeks.

Pen and Ink Brush

Aug 8, 2010

Comics 32 to 34!

Phil, Ki, Aaron, Caleb, Matthew, Ladies from the other table
Phil, Matthew, David, Matt, Ki, Jacob
Matthew, Aaron, Jacob, Matt, Ki, Caleb, Phil
Wow, this past thursday started out with only three of us, but by the end of the night it was around a dozen!  Thanks for coming out Matthew, David, Matt, and Ki.  Not to forget the Ladies at the other table, who finished one of the comics for us.

Apologies to anyone who showed up the week before, and didn't find us sitting there.  In the future, we'll attempt to post warnings if we plan to skip a week.


Jul 24, 2010

Comic 31!!

We're Thirty One!!!  Check it out!  (Oh Boba Fett... a DnD Comic favorite.)

Let us not forget a shout out to Troy for his first week.  Hopefully the first of many.

Jul 17, 2010

Robots and Tall Hats

Robot coming for his nose!

Comics 29 & 30

Caleb, Phil, Aaron, Trevor
Caleb, Phil, Jalene/Erin, Amanda, Chelsea, Phil, Aaron, Phil, Trevor
We had a great turn out this week!

The first panel of Comic 29 was based on a story Aaron told us.  It ended with a perfect punchline.  Comic 30 has some pretty awesome panels too.


Jul 9, 2010

Comics 25 to 28

Amanda, Laura, Trevor, Caleb, Aaron, Zoee
Andrew(guess), Caleb, Aaron(guess), Kat, AndrewP, Sean
Caleb, Phil, Aaron, Amanda, Andrew, Phil
Aaron, Andrew, Phil, Trevor, Caleb, Charmaine
These comics are from the last few weeks. People are getting all up in my grill about having not posted any for a while.

I like the last one. It goes from a pepper shaker talking to an ashtray to cats having casual conversation in a theatre.

Jun 11, 2010


I just rented "Fortress" with Christopher Lambert. He cut that gun off of a guards arm with a shovel, and then shoved his own arm in there.


They Exist!